All the Bands lets you create an inventory of all the musical acts that matter to you.

Rate your bands by how much you love them and compare your list with friends to learn more about each other’s music taste. Think of it as the equivalent of your record, CD, or iPod collections of yore.

All the bands user interface.
See all your bands in one place!
  • The new group you discovered last week.
  • Your go-to’s, ride or dies, your day ones.
  • That singer-songwriter you like more than you should.
  • The young rapper that only you seem to know about.
  • A synth-pop guilty-pleasure that you’ve always unabashedly loved.
  • The 90's rock group you’d want to be stuck on a desert island with.

All your bands—all in one place.

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Search for artists and rate them.
The rating system: One heart through five hearts.
Compare with your friends!

All the Bands was created at Yay Brigade in the spring/summer of 2019.

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